If you're reading this you found us on-line. We are first page on Google for "web design Bakersfield" among other things. If we are at the top of Google in our field imagine what we can do in yours. We have found most people want to rush SEO, but this is not how it works. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Google checks for updates every 4-6 weeks for a new website, so the process of getting your site ranked takes skill & tremendous patience, both traits we happen to possess. 

We have a skill set we have developed over a long career and we will get your site high on Google!  When you are optimizing over 80 sites on a daily basis in many different categories you figure things out. We have developed our skill set by diligent study and application. We know how to apply SEO (search engine optimization) to your web site and Google Business page. We submit our work to the four major search engines on a bi-weekly basis with our amazing software. We target Google, Yahoo, Bing & Ask search engines with an emphasis on Google since it has almost 70% of the market.

Please view our client Google ranking here and see where they rank in their perspective field. 


Sometimes we actually get above Google maps!


Bakersfield SEO Company, Marketing Agency Bakersfield, Acme Web Agency

SEO (search engine optimization) starts out at $199 a month for 2 keyword phrases, as soon as you sign up we begin optimizing your site. SEO is paid monthly by putting a credit card on file. Client is free to cancel at anytime. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

We use cutting edge software from RAGE SW , this combined with years of studying the ever changing algorithms of Google has developed us into an SEO specialist! We stay current with the latest and best SEO practices. Our expertise and continued study of SEO is why our clients remain at the top in search results. We build a solid on-line presence for our clients and make sure they are findable by customers seeking their products and services.


Bakersfield SEO Company, Marketing Agency Bakersfield, Acme Web Agency


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